Video Lectures

Talk About the Artwork "Body Of Evidence"

Harold Smith has created a complex visual piece that recalls and memorializes
the numerous African Americans who have died while in custody or were killed by law enforcement.
This image consists of a large spectral black body that is riddled with bullet holes.
Each of the bullet holes is dripping blood and has a face of a martyr at its center.
The martyrs remind us that even in the most innocent of encounters with the authorities a death
sentence may result.

Talk About "The 4 Little Girls"

The 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing in Birmingham Alabama on September 15th , 1963 was one of the most
heinous and infamous tragedies of the modern civil rights era. The bombing killed four little girls—Addie Mae
Collins (14), Denise McNair (11), Carole Robertson (14), and Cynthia Wesley (14) and injured scores of others.
This event marked the most people killed at one time in the decades-long bombing campaign in
“Bombingham” and in the entire civil rights movement up to that time.
The bombing resonated with many people. Artists were motivated to recount and remember it and mark the
slaughter and sacrifice of those innocent children. Four artists in the collection constructed original works of
commemoration—Frank Frazier, Billy Morrow Jackson, John Scott, and Thomas Williams. We will explore each
artist’s image in depth.